The Iberian Robotics

GRVC - University of Seville (USE, Spain), Advanced Center for Aerospace Techonologies (CATEC, Spain), Instituto Superior Tecnico - Universidade de Lisboa (IST, Portugal)

The Iberian Robotics Team is composed by 3 institutions: GRVC Robotics Lab-University of Seville (Spain), Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies (Spain) and Instituto Superior Técnico- Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal). GRVC Robotics Lab is the research laboratory led by Prof. Anibal Ollero at University of Seville. In the last 5 years had more than 55 research projects and contracts from the European Commission (20 projects and one Advanced Research Grant), companies, and Spanish Programs. The researchers obtained 18 awards including the recent Jaume I Award in New Technologies and the Global European Radar Award of the European Commission GRVC contributes to the team with its expertise on aerial robots navigation, aerial manipulation and multi-vehicle cooperation techniques.

CATEC is the Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies, a research center created in 2008 to foster the competitiveness of companies in the aerospace sector. The Avionics & Systems Division developed UAV technologies through 9 FP7 and 8 H2020 projects, and more than 50 national research projects related with aerial robot technologies. CATEC is now the leading research center for drone technology development in Spain, getting recognized internationally in the last few years. CATEC contributes to the team with its expertise on aerial robots and perception technologies for object detection and tracking.

Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) is part of the Universidade de Lisboa, and it is the largest and most reputed school of engineering, S&T in Portugal. The work under the Iberian Robotics team will be conducted at the Institute for Systems and Robotics (ISR/IST), which develops state-of-the-art engineering solutions and projects with a societal impact, and has a long track record of participation in EU and other international projects. ISR/IST contributes with its expertise on navigation and task planning for autonomous ground robots, as well as on cooperative systems, including fleets of heterogeneous unmanned vehicles.

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