MASCOR from University of Applied Sciences in Aachen, Germany

Team MASCOR from University of Applied Sciences in Aachen, Germany works in the field of mobile robotics since 2011, when the team leader Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Kallweit founded the robotics lab at FH Aachen. Starting with the first ROS Summer School in 2012 a group of robotics enthusiasts joined and played and worked with robots – always following the prerequisite that they run with ROS, which was still in a quite early stage that time. But the interest in ROS was growing worldwide and so was the group in the robotics lab at FH Aachen. With it the annual ROS Summer School was growing as well and became a success story and a huge impact in the ROS community.

As the industrial interest in mobile robotics was as well growing, FH Aachen founded the institute MASCOR based on the robotics lab. Next to the ROS Summer School, the MASCOR institute solved industrial related projects:

  • Climbing robot for wind turbine inspection (SMART)
  • UAV for window cleaning (CleanCopter)
  • Field robot for chemical-free weed control (Etarob)
  • UAV for medical transport in urban environments (RescueCopter)
  • Mobile Manipulation of free-form surfaces (FiberRadar)
  • Pushing ROS to an industrial-standard level (ROSIN)
  • Underground Navigation and Mapping Robot (UPNS4D+)
  • Sensor based navigation support for a manual lifting and handling manipulator (Mechapulator)

Next to this, MASCOR is also part in different robotics challenges like RoboCup Logistics and participated as well in MBZIRC 2017. Last time Team MASCOR made it to the finals in qualified for the Grand Challenge. MASCOR is back at MBZIRC in 2020 and aims for victory this time.

  • Number of Team Members : 12
  • Team Lead : Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Kallweit
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