The DTU MBZIRC TEAM is based on DTU-Elektro Automation and Control Group. The group has a mission of enhancing availability, safety and reliability of automated systems in industry and society. Research and teaching support this mission for linear and nonlinear systems and research includes robust, adaptive modelling and control for linear and non-linear systems.

The Automation and Control Group is a part of the Electrical Engineering Department of DTU. Fault diagnosis, fault-tolerant control, fault-tolerant operation, playware, mobile robotics and autonomous systems are key areas of research.

The group has participated in Field Robot Event World Championship several times having obtained two first places a second and a third.

In MBZIRC 2017a second place in challenge 2 and a fourth place in Grand challenge were obtained.

Key persons:

  • Nils Axel Andersen, Ph.D Associate professor, Coordinator
  • Ole Ravn, Ph.D Professor, Head of Automation and Control group
  • Jens Christian Andersen, Ph.D Associate professor
  • Søren Hansen,Ph.D Associateprofessor.
  • Matteo Fumagalli, Ph.D Associate professor
  • Ananda Narasipur Holck Nielsen, M.sc.MBZIRC research assistant
  • Daniel Saunte Høgh,M.sc. MBZIRC research assistant
  • Tobias Stenbock Andersen, M.sc. MBZIRC research assistant
  • Many master and bachelor projects have contributed to the MBZIRC project.
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