Team Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

Team KAIST consists of 12 graduate students from the Unmanned Systems Research Group, advised by Professor David Hyunchul Shim, who has almost 30 years of experiences in UAV research.

The USRG has worked on various aspects of UAV research, including in-house flight controllers, vision-based object tracking using machine learning, precision landing on a moving vehicle, and autonomous exploration in unknown environments. The research group has also developed a number of self-driving cars and trams, and have published many papers in top journals and conferences, such as IROS, ICRA, AIAA Scitech, and Journal of Field Robots.

The KAIST team has participated in a number of domestic and international competitions. They team won the inaugural 2016 IROS autonomous drone racing and ranked second in the 2018 IROS racing event. They also competed in MBZIRC 2017, ranking fourth in Challenges 2 and 3, and fifth in the Grand Challenge. The KAIST team is currently participating in the DARPA Subterranean Challenge with NASA JPL, MIT and Caltech. Most recently, they won the first round of Lockheed Martin’s Alpha Pilot.

The KAIST team is dedicated to the development and validation of cutting edge technologies for highly autonomous aerial and ground vehicles. They are very much looking forward to MBZIRC 2020!

  • Number of Team Members : 12
  • Team Lead : Professor David Hyunchul Shim
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