Team ETH from ETH Zurich

The team from ETH Zurich comprises researchers, students, and engineers from the Autonomous Systems Lab (ASL) and the Robotic Systems Lab (RSL).

ASL aims to develop robotic systems that can operate in diverse environments. The lab focuses on the mechatronic design and control of systems that autonomously adapt to different situations and cope with the uncertainty and dynamics of daily environments. The new designs are combined with research in fundamental areas such as perception, mapping, and path planning to provide innovative autonomous robots. For MBZIRC 2020, ASL focuses on the flying platforms.

RSL investigates the development of machines and their intelligence to operate in rough and challenging environments. With a large focus on robots with arms and legs, the research areas include novel actuation methods for advanced dynamic interaction, innovative designs for increased system mobility and versatility, and new control and optimization algorithms for locomotion and manipulation. For MBZIRC 2020, RSL focuses on the ground platforms.

Team video:

  • Number of Team Members : 16
  • Team Lead : Dr. Juan Nieto
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