Project C.G.S

Project C.G.S

Project C.G.S is a group of robot enthusiasts based in Japan. Their goal is to further the application of autonomous robotics technology to real world problems. The team’s expertise is in developing fully autonomous UAV and UGV systems, and they have participated in various robotic competitions. Some of these competitions are the Tsukuba Challenge, All Japan Micromouse Contest (finalist), and NHK Robocon (2nd place).

Originally a college-based group consisting of students from Waseda University in Tokyo, Project C.G.S. now consists of 10 engineers with a broad range of skills covering mechanical design, electronic engineering to software and AI development.

At MBZIRC, the team will be using technologies that build on their prior experiences in autonomous robotics to complete the challenge.

Team video:

  • Number of Team Members : 6
  • Team Lead : Keisuke Yoneda
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