Team NimbRo from University of Bonn

Team NimbRo is based in the Autonomous Intelligent Systems group of University of Bonn, Germany. It is headed by Dr. Sven Behnke. Since being founded in 2004, Nimbro has been very successful in international robotic competitions. In the 2017 MBZIRC, Team NimbRo won the Grand Challenge, Challenge 2, and came in third in Challenges 1 and 3. NimbRo is also the most successful team of the RoboCup Humanoid League, winning many international competitions, including the last three years of the AdultSize class. NimbRo won the RoboCup@Home service robot league three years in a row. NimbRo was the best European team in the DARPA Robotics Challenge. The NimbRo robots also demonstrated their skills in the Amazon Picking/Robotics Challenges, the European Robotics Challenges, and the DLR SpaceBot Cup.

Team video:

  • Number of Team Members : 17 total team members
  • Team Lead : Dr. Sven Behnke
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