Raptors Team, Lodz University of Technology Institute of Automatic Control

The Raptors Team was formed in 2014 by students of Lodz University of Technology. Today, the group consists of ground mobile robot (UGV) and aerial vehicle or drone (UAV) groups. The UGV squad is furthermore divided into the academic team—BSc students, who watch over the organization, maintenance and events; and a research team of MSc and PhD students that overcomes modern problems and implements new ideas. The whole crew comprises 20 active members and operates at the Institute of Automatic Control at Lodz University of Technology.

After the team joined the ERC 2015 competition, it started to attract attention and achieve top places in numerous robotics competitions worldwide over the past years. During many days spent together “on tour,” everybody learned how to organize their schedules and how to effectively cooperate. Thus, aside from their engineering skills, the team works like a self-propelled, well-oiled machine that is capable of handling big and demanding projects. The team’s ambitions and plans are heading towards modern challenges of the field robotics such as autonomy or robot cooperation mechanisms with special emphasis on energy distribution over the group of robots.

  • Number of Team Members : 14
  • Team Lead : Mateusz Kujawiński
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