Team CTU-UPenn-NYU from the Czech Technical University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the New York University

The team consists of scientists, PhD students, and engineers from the Czech Technical University (CTU), the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), and the New York University (NYU). The team is led by Dr. Martin Saska of the Multi-robot Systems (MRS) group at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, CTU. The team has already successfully cooperated in MBZIRC 2017 where it won the third challenge, placed second in the first challenge, and placed third in the Grand Challenge.

The majority of the joint team consists of members of the Multi-robot Systems group (http://mrs.felk.cvut.cz/) from CTU. MRS integrates various research disciplines required for design, implementation, experimental evaluation, and application of complex robotic systems. Research streams followed by MRS group members include motion and trajectory planning, locomotion generation, control, communication, coordination, and stabilization of groups of ground, aerial, and modular robots.

From the application point of view, MRS deals with safety-critical systems, environment monitoring by swarms of micro aerial vehicles, self-stabilized convoys of ground and aerial robots, and search & rescue topics of modular robotics. A common goal of MRS, and also of the joint team of CTU-UPenn-NYU, is the deployment and application of multi-robot systems in real-world demanding environments such as the ones in the MBZIRC 2020 challenges.

  • Number of Team Members : 23
  • Team Lead : Dr. Martin Saska
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