Skyeye Team from Universidad Politécnica Madrid, Universidad Pablo Olavide, and Poznan University of Technology

SKYEYE is a multi-disciplinary and multi-national team, in which every group from the Universidad Politécnica Madrid, Universidad Pablo Olavide, and Poznan University of Technology provides its best capabilities and experience to conquer the MBZIRC Challenges.

Computer Vision and Aerial Robotics at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (CVAR-UPM) has a vast experience in increasing the autonomy of UAVs using on-board Computer Vision as the main sensor. Its main expertise is focused on UAV autonomous complex missions in environments where GPS is not available (e.g., indoors) or where GPS doesn't provide enough accuracy (e.g., industrial inspection and/or maneuvers close to obstacles). Developed modules are compiled in its own open source: The group also has a big focus on Autonomous Visual Recognition and Detection using Machine Learning mainly used for aerial images. The group has been awarded in the top international UAV competitions: IMAV12, IMAV13, IARC14, IMAV16 and IMAV17, and has organized the 11th International Micro Air Vehicle Competition and Conference IMAV 2019 (

The main expertise of the Service Robotics Laboratory at Universidad Pablo de Olavide (SRL-UPO) is related to the autonomous navigation of robots (ground and aerial) and its integration in multi-robot systems. This includes robot intelligence to allow robot obstacle avoidance, robot localization and navigation in dynamic and partially known environments, and multi-robot collaboration. The members of the team have extensive experience in multi-robot systems involving aerial robots through their participation in several EU projects (since FP5) on the topics such as ARCOW, EC-SAFEMOBIL, AWARE, and COMETS (

AeroLab UAV Research Group at Poznan University of Technology (AeroLab-PUT) is mainly focused on the deployment of control algorithms for multirotor UAVs, as well as development of software allowing rapid tuning of controllers to obtain optimal performance, by using on-line optimization methods with low computational cost. The group works with the research group Multi-robot Systems Laboratory of Dr. Martin Saska from the Technical University of Prague (

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  • Number of Team Members : 19
  • Team Lead : Alejandro Rodriguez Ramos
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