Fly Eagle

Fly Eagle Team at Beijing University of Technology

The Fly Eagle Team was established by Beijing University of Technology in September 2016. The team members are mainly graduate students. The UAV team focuses on the application of artificial intelligence in UAV, covering the overall design of UAV, autonomous control of UAV, structural design and optimization of UAV, UAV cooperation and task allocation, artificial intelligence and computer image recognition.

Fly Eagle has participated in many domestic and international competitions and achieved excellent results. In March 2017, it won Challenge 1 in the inaugural MBZIRC, and in September 2017, it took 3rd place at the IMAV competition in France.

The robotics team has been working on the system design, visual perception and bionic motion control of intelligent robot systems for a long time, including developing a bionic dual arm mobile robot system that can adapt to the complex environment. In the research, the team breaks through the key technologies of lightweight, high-performance robot design, intelligent generation of mutual tasks, safe and amicable human-machine mutual assistance, as well as smart, safe and flexible operation control. The core research results have been successfully applied to the China Space Station and the on-orbit maintenance robot system in Tiangong 2 space laboratory.


Team video:

  • Number of Team Members : 30
  • Team Lead : Mr. Tao Song
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